Current Exhibition

Donald judd in two Dimensions: fifteen drawings

“Absolute symmetry is marvelous and it’s also marvelous when symmetry itself allows variation, when the logic of the situation causes or allows an approach to symmetry.”
— Donald Judd, 1985


Mignoni Gallery is pleased to present Judd in Two Dimensions: Fifteen Drawings, which features a series of graphite drawings made by Donald Judd between the years 1991 and 1992. Though best known for his three-dimensional works such as Stacks, Progressions and Swiss boxes, Judd (b.1928—1994) was also a classically trained draftsman. Throughout his career, the artist worked with diverse mediums including oil, printmaking, wood, metal, and drawing, which he learned as a student in the Arts Students League in New York. Drawing is an essential process to creators across all genres, not only as a method of production but as a form of documentation and self-reflection. The works in this show are a window into Judd’s thought and drawing processes which, through close observation reveals the complexity of seemingly simple geometrical forms.