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Kenneth Noland and Donald Judd Color and Form

October 29 – December 18, 2019

“It’s best to consider everything as color.”
– Donald Judd


“Color can convey a total range of mood and expression, of one’s experiences in life, without having to give it descriptive or literary qualities.”
– Kenneth Noland


Mignoni is pleased to announce Kenneth Noland and Donald Judd: Color and Form. Following the gallery’s presentation of the same title at Frieze Masters fair in London, the current exhibition includes additional works by both artists. The exhibition investigates the formal and conceptual relationships between Kenneth Noland and Donald Judd, two artists for whom color is both the content and context of their work. By painting and sculpting in the Post War era—without relying on color as emotional or decorative signifiers—Noland and Judd established a non-objective vocabulary and symbolically unhindered viewing experience for generations of audiences to come.