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September 10 – October 19, 2019

Mignoni Gallery is pleased to present Robert Mapplethorpe: Artist Portraits, a solo exhibition comprised of some of the artists most iconic representations of celebrity cultural figures within the art world. Throughout his career, Mapplethorpe photographed models, singers, songwriters, artists, and celebrities, in addition to members of New York’s cultural underbelly. Photographed in our exhibition are individuals who defined the boundaries of art and culture in the late twentieth century, by one of the most esteemed photographers of the era.


Mapplethorpe is most recognized of his monochromatic photography. However, the artist experimented with Polaroids, collages, and mixed-media constructions. He also worked in color, in a small body of work late in his career. Despite the sexual nature of his work, which in some contexts has been considered controversial, the idea of classical form and beauty are central to his work. His photographs are masterfully composed, lit, balanced, iconic and immortalized American culture of a defining generation.

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