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CYRIELLE GULACSY: Light in the distance 

January 18  – March 19, 2022

The gallery’s first exhibition with Cyrielle Gulacsy (b. 1994), a self-taught French artist whose work is inspired by research from the astronomy and astrophysics disciplines. Her work, delving from a natural interest in things like space-time and electromagnetism, to the diffraction of light, is meant to, in a factual yet palpable way, offer a glimpse of the invisible reality that surrounds us, with all of its dizzying dimensions. Gulacsy hopes the work arouses a curiosity within the viewer, and evokes an enlightenment in his or her vision of the world.


Light in the Distance comprises a sequence of paintings and sculptures drawn from almost all areas of her practice. As its title suggests, the show is founded upon ideas of light as it is both manifested and perceived at a variety of different cosmic distances from the Earth.


Born in Paris in 1994, Gulacsy is a French artist who makes use of the aesthetics of Minimalism to attempt to translate the latest scientific conceptions of reality into simple, eloquent and evocative images. Meticulously researched and concerned with such fundamental, but also ineffable concepts as space, light, infinity, entropy and time, her predominantly abstract paintings and sculptures are contemporary invocations of the sublime.


Drawing her inspiration from the exhilarating but often difficult-to-comprehend eld of modern physics, Gulacsy seeks, through the power and immediacy of simple imagery to provide an alluring but also meaningful visual appreciation of this complex world of quantum paradoxes and wave-particle ambiguities. Towards this end, she has adopted a minimalist form of abstraction – a pictorial language she feels is well suited to an art attempting to deal with both the microcosm and the macrocosm. Because it depicts ‘nothing’, abstraction, as Gerhard Richter once observed, offers ‘a better way of gaining access to the unvisualizable [and] the incomprehensible’. Minimalism too, in its self-defining but also open-ended magnification of a single element or component into a totality, is also an artform that provides an appropriate bridge between the idea of the singular and the infinite. As with the scientific research that forms the basis of all Gulacsy’s work, ideas about perception and of the innate relationship between the observer and the observed (features intrinsic to the fields of both art and science) are also central to her practice.


The simple observation of the light of the sky is, of course, as Gulacsy has pointed out, also a form of time travel. Each observable fragment of the celestial vault, which we perceive at first glance as a multitude of objects distant from us by space, is, in reality, an image of the past which continues to exist only in our present.’ In accordance with this, in its exploration of light, Light in the Distance also attempts to offer its own pictorial journey through space and time.


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