Cyrielle Gulacsy (b. 1994)

Cyrielle Gulacsy lives and works in Paris. She studied graphic design and after graduating in 2016, she devoted herself to drawing and painting. First driven by a quest for realism, her work evolved under the influence of modern physics, towards the representation of the invisible, and more particularly towards matter at the nanoscopic scale.


Art and science play a crucial part in her life. They provided answers to the emotions provoked by the beauty of nature and to her curiosity for what we know as the real world. Cyrielle’s artistic practice of minimalist form pointillism has allowed her to channel these emotions by expressing her relationship to the world and questioning the human experience of reality.


Cyrielle’s belief is that a scientist’s vocation is to describe the world and provide us with answers while the artist’s vocation is to question our relationship to it. The work of art has the power to provoke sensations and emotions in us that can reflect on our vision of the world and show a facet of nature that we have not seen before. Very strong emotions can spring from understanding a phenomenon, and conversely, a perfectly spontaneous emotion can give rise to deep thinking.